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The strength and combat skills of the Celtic Hags often also far surpass the preconceptions suggested by their paltry frames.

Not all of Britains flesh-eating crones may have an antiquity dating back to the Celtic age.

Though their habitat may vary, these creatures (known by grim names such as Jenny Cut-Throat, Burn the Ladle, and Old Harrow-Tooth, for example) are almost always rumoured to have a great fondness for the taste of young human flesh.

Canrig Bwt, the brain-eating Hag of Llanberis in North Wales, was said to sleep under a great stone monolith.

"I'd rather be single than stressed out by that," she says.

Jaime, a 40-year-old graphic artist in Texas, is hoping to find someone who doesn't mind her spending 10 hours or so a week playing World of Warcraft.The individual aspects of the Morrigan are usually named as Nemain, Badb and Macha.However each of these individuals could appear as a beautiful young woman, a hideous old crone or as a Crow.Many places scattered across the Celtic lands are reputed to host their own terrible supernatural Hags.They may be said to dwell in woodlands or waterfalls, sea-coves or cellars, towers or cemeteries.

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    While 8 Simple Rules ratings were well above those of the surrounding TGIF shows during its third season, ABC cancelled it due to the perceived inability to sell reruns of the show into syndication (a fourth season would have given the show the 100 episodes necessary to enter daily syndication).